photo booths are they worth it?

I guess the "in thing to do" @ a wedding anymore is to have a photo booth. I was just curious if they are actually worth the  money? has anyone had one that'd care to share any information or expieriences?

Re: photo booths are they worth it?

  • They can be fun but I think a lot of that is the novelty of it which is quickly wearing off.  If it is not going to fit comfortably into your budget, I would skip it.
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  • We're having one.  I went to a wedding with one and FI and I had a blast.
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  • I went to a Christmas party that had one. It was a blast. Actually ppl were kind of bummed when the booth had to be packed up. I lost my photos after a few drinks. Was very upset about it since I loved the photos but lucky someone found them and gave them to us. I'd highly recommend one if you have the budget. Unfortunately I won't be having one since we are paying for the wedding ourselves
  • If you can afford it, I think it'd be well worth it. If the cost is swaying you, you might consider a photo wall as an alternative.

    I found pics of dfferent photo walls on this site and have fallen in love with the idea. I'm crafty enough, so, I'm building my own.

    It'll be made ofa 4x8 sheet of plywood with the front wallpapered and decorated with framed family pictures. I'm leaving three good size frames empty, and without glass, with the plywood cut out from behind them. Guests go behind the wall and put their heads through the frames. I'll have props available, for those that want to liven up their pics a little.

    I'll also be making some kind of sign saying something like, "Hang a picture of yourself on our family wall."For us, its an option that fits well within our budget.
    Whatever you decide, I'm sure your wedding and reception will be wonderful and unforgettable.

    I wish you all the best.
  • I'm not sure about Michigan where you are, but wedding photo booths peaked on the East Coast about two years ago. The hip novelty has worn off, now you see them at corporate parties. Unless you have your heart set on one, save the money and skip it.
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