Are the beverage napkins on the knot a good price at 15.99?  They are on sale and I want to buy some, just wanted to check and make sure they won't go down to a lower price.

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    pandasquishypandasquishy member
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    I got my napkins significantly cheaper through a local stationary store.  Also, The Knot's shipping prices are ridiculous.  
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    omgitsrojoomgitsrojo member
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    That is the lowest price I have seen on the Knot.... however I know that that is a HIGH price to pay for 100 napkins...

    Personally, I bought packs of 50 for 2.99 from orientaltrading.com and am stamping them myself- But I know that is not always for everyone.

    Just a thought.

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    I have found TK's prices to be lower than exclusivelyweddings.com and a few of the other sites I have looked, but I may have to check out orientaltrading.com and look into stamping them myself. I am all about saving the $$$$

    How did you go about stamping them yourself? Can you tell me more about that, where you got the stamp, etc?
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