Party Hat Mistake

So...I was having a major blonde moment and accidentally ordered the wrong thing.
I wanted party hats (our wedding is NYE) for each of our guests and I found ones that I absolutely loved! I ordered them and they just came and...they aren't hats. Well, they are, but they are balloon weights shaped like party hats. They're still totally adorable, but now I'm stuck with 100 weights that cost more to return than I paid for them.
Our original plan was to skip the favor tradition and make a donation to  Parkinson's instead (we lost my grandmother (whom I was extremely close with) to the disease a few years ago). However, now that I'm stuck with all of these weights, my thought then was to turn them into impromptu favors. My plan is to take each of the weights, get ribbon imprinted with our names and the date and use it to tie a "thank you" tag onto the top of each weight (they each have a little loop on top).
So my question is, do you think that is tacky? The favors at the weddings I have been to were always the "what am I ever going to do with this?" variety and I always thought that if I did favors they would be useful. These clearly are not. I think it might still be cute, but can't decide. If we don't use them for the wedding we could save them for parties for the rest of our lives, lol, but I hate to waste them. Your thoughts are appreciated! Thanks :)

Re: Party Hat Mistake

  • MissLeahMMissLeahM member
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    You could always try selling them. If you have a small local balloon shop, maybe they would buy them off of you.

    Can you take them apart and fill them with candy?
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  • morainemommorainemom member
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    Could you use them as your placecards?

    You could print out each person's name on paper and insert that at the top of the weight.Then place the hat weights at each place setting at the table.
  • morainemommorainemom member
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    Forgot to add - if you use them as a placecard, that would also do double duty as the favor.
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    Thanks for your responses. I didn't think of trying to sell them - great idea. Otherwise I probably will use them as place setting/favors.


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