Edible but diabetic-friendly?

So we thought we had the whole favor thing figured out. We had landed on sticks of rock candy, because they are super cheap in bulk and adorable and delicious. And then FI remembered he has a lot of diabetics in his family. So now we are reconsidering the candy. But we can't think of anything good that isn't sweet! Our budget for favors is around $1/PP so that rules out some common ideas like wine or champagne. 


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Re: Edible but diabetic-friendly?

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    dried fruit? Nuts?
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    dees14dees14 member
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    You should just do the rock candy; that's a really cute idea!

    I guess you could find some other sugar-free candy, but the diabetic people will probably assume it has sugar and not eat it anyway. Plus, sugar-free candy makes people gassy.
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    lisalou402lisalou402 member
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    Dried fruit has a lot of sugar in it...i'm a diabetic and I stay clear of it.

    We may do personalized hot sauce?  What about something like that.?

    The only other thing to remember is that chocolate actually has less sugar than true sugar candy.  I cant' eat jelly beans, but hershey's kisses are fine.

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    Simply FatedSimply Fated member
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    They make sugar free candy, how about that?

    Here, this is my favorite candy store... for some ideas :)

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