Favors per couple/Place cards--How to present??

My favors are a pair of candleholders with tealights, bagged as a pair per couple.  I  have assigned tables, not assigned seating.

How should I present the gift bags? On the entrance table with the corresponding place cards in front of them or on the dinner table between the couples with place cards and use escort cards at the front table? 

I don't want people taking two bags per couple, not knowing what is in there.  I'll have candy on the dinner tables.
Almost all of my couples are married, three single guys didn't bring dates.

Thanks for any ideas!

Re: Favors per couple/Place cards--How to present??

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    graysquirrelgraysquirrel member
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    We are also doing couple/family favors. In order to prevent what you described, we made the favors double up as escort cards. When people go upstairs to the reception, they will be directed by an usher to the favors which will be tagged with the guests' names and table number. They'll pick that up and take it to the table with them. 
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    mcskatcatmcskatcat member
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    I was thinking exactly what graysquirrel said.  Package the candlesticks are you'd like, then tie a place card as the tag. 
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    I'm having bottles of wine, with the same setup you are talking about - one per "couple."

    I'm planning to put a sign in front of the bottles that basically says "Please select one bottle of wine for you and your companion to enjoy." They will be on the same table as the programs, so hopefully people will "get it" and we won't run out!
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    We are doing the same thing, however we are not giving them out with the escort cards.  Instead, I am labeling my favors with a name tag, so they will know specifically who the favor is for.  I am creating a framed sign that says something along the lines of  "Thank you for being with us today.  Please look for your name and take a favor".  These will be set up at a table right next to the exit.

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    kristinanddankristinanddan member
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    We did per couple favors, and attached the place cards to the favors:

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