I'm a June bride. We are doing a garden wedding and although we don't have a "theme," you could say our inspirations are garden/summer/picnic/outdoorsy etc. His family makes homemade salsa that is out of this world (IMO, anyways!) and we decided to do small jars of homemade salsa as our wedding favors. His family got a bit ahead of us and made all of the salsa. It's already in jars, sealed, etc. So what's the problem? We didn't know his family was doing the salsa so soon & didn't have  say in the size of the jars. As most of our guests are flying in from out of town, many of them may want to bring their favor home, but the jars contain more salsa (liquid) than the TSA allows in a carry-on, which we assume many of our guests will have. How can we make it travel friendly? I know some people will snack on their after the reception, in the hotel room, but is there a "cute" way to include maybe a ziploc baggie or something for them to use if they check a bag for their flight. Any suggestions to make it carry-on friendly? Thanks in advance!

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    I don't really think there's any good option, sorry! I'm assuming they're glass jars, too.

    I'd say just set out the salsa as-is on a table for guests to take if they want to, but expect to have lots of leftovers.

  • Ugh. Yeah, not ideal. But, people will either choose to take it, or not.  Hopefully, they will plan on checking a bag and they will figure out how to properly put it in the suitcase for transport.
  • You may want to find out how much it would cost to ship the salsa, in case someone asks.

    Otherwise, you do have a dilemna.

  • Oh yum.  I would love to get salsa as a gift.  If I was OOT and had a carry on luggage only I'd eat it before I left.  If I was checking my bag I'd just wrap it in my clothes, no big deal.  I think you're over thinking it.  
  • If I received that I would just put it in my checked bag and not the carry on. I wouldn't want to eat it on the plane just incase it is a little messy.
  • If I received that as a favor, it would be gone before I got anywhere near the airport!! I agree with PP - you're overthinking it. People are adults, and will figure it out for themselves. Not your problem.
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  • Yummy!

    I think you're OK with just giving it, but if you wanted to make it easier for your OOT guests go get it home in their checked luggage, you could take a piece of bubble wrap (long enough to go around the jar) and a ziploc bag (big enough to hold a wrapped jar), lay them flat on top of each other, roll them up like a scroll and tie with ribbon in your wedding colors (or raffia or twine ... whatever works for your look).  Display these near the jars of salsa in something airplane-y (a small open suitcase would be ideal) or in a box/basket with a sign  ... maybe in "ticket" or "luggage tag" format?

    As PP have said, those who are motivated will figure out a way to get it home.  But if  you have the time and budget, it's a nice gesture.  I would definitely want to take my jar home, and this would save me a trip to the store to buy a whole box of ziplocs (when I only needed one) or figuring out something else like shifting around toiletries or stealing the ice bucket liner from the hotel room in order to have something to seal the jar in.  As much as I like salsa, I would not like it all over my clothes.
  • Oh my goodness! You are all amazing! I was a little worried about the reactions I would get to salsa as a favor and I'm so glad they are positive! Hopefully my guests will agree! I assumed we may have some leftovers, but his parents homemade salsa is my fav, so I think I'll find a way to cope ;) I love the idea of a suitcase with "wrapping" for the salsa to travel. 

    For those who said they would eat it, we plan on having baskets of tortilla chips near the elevator/exit door for guests to take as they leave. Who doesn't love a late night snack of chips & salsa?!

    Thanks again!
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