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 I orginally was not going to do OOT bags for the hotel guest (frankly, most people staying at the hotel are not OOT guests). But, my FMIL is planning on hosting brunch the next day at the hotel, so I thought that having a note when they check into their hotel would be a good way to inform people to come to brunch. I just wanted an idea of something I could add to the note to fancy it up a little bit. Any ideas? Maybe something breakfast themed?
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    OnoyuOnoyu member
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    Maybe some fruit, apple, banana, grapefruit? That way it's healthy and somewhat breakfasty. I might stay away from baked goods for fear that they might go stale over night. If you're feeling particularly crafty you could make little tags with the what when and where tied to the stem of an apple.

    Otherwise I would say a chocolate, for a sort of "chocolate on your pillow" feel.
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    mcskatcatmcskatcat member
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    We went to Sam's Club and just purchased bulk packs of snack items:  cookies, crackers, pretzels, bottle of water, that kind of thing.  If FMIL is hosting brunch, I would actually stay away from the breakfast idea since they will already have that meal provided for them.  We also considered adding fruit to ours, but that looked fairly expensive. 
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    daisy662daisy662 member
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    Here is what I did. Not breakfast related but maybe it will give you an idea... My wedding is a pool party so I tried to stick with that a bit. \\

    I got floral beach bag totes and put everything in those. They are cute from Oriental Trading so really cheap...

    Inside I put:
    2 individual size bags of chips
    2 bottled waters with our name and date and pic of flip flops (ordered from personalization mall)
    brochures on Orlando and Disney (free from visitors center - wedding is in orlando)
    hotel door hangers that say - do not disturb recovering from X and X's wedding (etsy - cross your fingers they are delivered today!!)
    A little mini canvas bag with flip flops on it
    Inside the mini bag I put a flip flop pad of paper
    A bunch of candy inside a flip flop cello bag
    flip flop luggage tag from bed bath and beyond

    Hope this helps!
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