rock & roll theme favors??!

My FH & I have spent alot of timing going to shows. Hes in a band himself. We are doing a rock and roll theme reception! But I am completely CLUELESS on what do to for favors?! help!!

Re: rock & roll theme favors??!

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    My FI says you should do Hershey's Kisses or gummy snakes (something about the bands Kiss and Whitesnake...)  Along those lines, you could do chocolate molded guitars, lightning (ACDC), and anything else that you think fits the theme.  Less edible ideas can be found here : http://offbeatbride.com/2010/04/rock-n-roll-wedding-favors
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    To continue with the above theme, mini Aero chocolate bars for Aerosmith? :-D
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    I would do the chocolate guitars.
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    HELLO!!! What do you think of when you hear the words Rock and Roll? Music, Guitars, Party, Fun, Dancing. Heck google rock and roll images see if anything jumps at you. I like courtney's idea chocolate guitars, pen guitars, guitar shapes shot glasses, lightening bolts, Microphones. I found a mic award trophy that can be personalized,

    OH BETTER IDEA!!! Buy old album records the big ones. Take a sharpie marker and personized it. With their name or your name the date. Make it your charger under their plate. Thats the best thing I could come up with. 
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