To favor or not to favor....

So I am up in the air about whether to do favors or not. I want something all will enjoy and USE, not just take home and collect dust. I am doing a beach wedding and asking people to travel. Do you think the idea of luggage tags would work? I feel like that is something a lot of people will use, but am still unsure. All ideas would be appreciated!


Re: To favor or not to favor....

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    I actually like the idea of luggage tags, especially since they will be traveling for your wedding they can make use of the favor on their return trip home. But I think with any favor (edible or not) there are going to be some guests that either don't like them or leave them behind.
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    I've heard of others using luggage tags, and think it's a great idea.  And I'm usually not a fan of things over edibles.  But I'd love to get luggage tags.
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    I love the idea of luggage tags for wedding favors. If they use them, then every thime they look at them they can remember your special occasion. Sounds like a killer idea.
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    I like the idea if luggage tags as well. I travel a lot and find it useful. Here's one that's new: http://www.newfavors.com/index.php?l=product_detail&p=426
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    I am actually trying to decide the same thing, to favor or ot to favor.

    I was also thinking of doing luggage tags for our beach destination wedding.
    I do think it is a nice idea.
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    In my search for a perfect favor for my wedding I've seen flip flop luggage tag favors. That would be perfect for a beach wedding!
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    very good favor idea.  I would normally say skip favors but esp when guests are doing a destination/travel wedding its nice to give someone special.
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