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I am having the hardest time finding cheap flip flops to place by the dance floor. Any ideas?

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  • Maybe just go to old navy when they are on sale for 1? I would like to do this too. Any suggestions would be helpful.
  • Honestly, $1 flip flops are about the LEAST comfortable thing I can think of for dancing.   My nice broken in leather flip flops with arch support and non-slip soles would be fine, but cheap $1 Old Navy flip flops?  I'd end up with a sprained ankle (worst case) or blisters (best case).

    There are a lot of threads about this.  Pleaes do a search on flip flops and read what people say before you go out and buy anything.
  • Agree w/ PP, cheap flip flops are NOT comfortable!  Most people have experience wearing heels and dancing or will wear appropriate footwear if they are concerned.  Save your money.
  • I had a flip flop basket.  I ended up buying them from another knottie who had some left over, but she bought them from Old Navy during their annual sale (which only happens in June, I think).  Now, I will say, they were a completely unnecessary expense, and there haven't been a lot of weddings in my circle, so this wasn't already "done to death".    It went over VERY well at my wedding, but I didn't spend much on it. I think I bought maybe 35-40 pairs (for a 120ish guest list), and there were only a few pairs left over at the end of the reception.
  • I did a flip flop basket and it was a HUGE success...I guess it depends on the crowd. I bought about 50 flip-flops and only had 12 left!  I got mine @ Old Navy for like $2.5 a piece. I'm selling mine for $10 total if your interested.

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    Old Navy only has that one sale a year and they have a limit on how many you can buy. My friend was planning on doing these for her daughter's wedding so four of us went together to three differemt Old Navys on the day of the dollar sale to buy as many as she needed (she paid us back, obviously). 

    Actually I just looked at oldnavy.com and if you buy 2 or more - which I'm assuming you are - they're $1.44 each. EDIT - I can't read. you SAVE $1.44/pair. They're $2.50. Sorry!

    I agree that flip flops are not very comfortable to dance in but they're kind of your only option for cheap giveaway footwear. I'll probably have them too because I have a foot phobia and have a big problem with people being barefoot. And to me, there are few things trashier than a grown woman taking her shoes off in public and walking around barefoot or in nylons. 
  • definitely depends on your guests/locale...we are having 2 weddings (1 in canada for our friends/family there) and a large reception in california where we live.

    i wouldn't do flip flops in canada mostly because i can't see many of the guests there wanting them. 

    but we live in a beach town in california where $1 flip flops are daily attire (i myself frequent the old navy sale!).  since the party here will be just off the beach and we'd like to have guests be able to comfortably pop outside, i would definitely consider having a flip flop basket.

    for some, cheap and uncomfortable, for others heaven on earth after wearing heels for awhile.  you know your guests best, at worst i can imagine guests not wearing them, but i can't imagine anyone being offended by the gesture!
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