I need stickers for my favors!

Does anyone know where I can get personalized stickers for my wedding favors? We have a small budget and I really need to find a decent deal. I found a few websites that offer them, but the prices were outrageous! :(

Re: I need stickers for my favors!

  • I purchased stickers at Joann's or Michael's, they are generally near the paper and scrapbook areas. They came with a template, or directions on how to set up the template in Microsoft word or excel, can't recall. I think each page had about 12 stickers on it, and I just ran them through my home printer, one sheet at a time.
  • monogramwedding.com offers them. You can customize many different designs. They are great and offer fast turnaround and free shipping! Good luck!
  • I bought a personalized stamp and I'm going to use it on my invitations. It was $21. It has our names and the wedding date on it, plus a boarder that matches our fall theme. I love it.
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  • I ordered them on VP...the small round come 24 to a sheet. If you are only doing one order do a FREE ONE then add a few on (dirt cheap) otherwise if you need other items from vistaprint make multiple ordered. I added a sheet to every order until I had enough.
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  • Not sure what your needs are but I've used a variety of mailling labels sheets to create my own stickers. Each box of mailing labels will have a corresponding Avery label # on them and you can use that # in Word to create a template to create your own sheet. These stickers are available in dfferent sizes and with clipart and your own text, you'll have what you need for cheap!
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  • I got mine from www.stickeryou.com
    They are nice quality (thick & glossy) and the customer service was great!
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