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Hello everyone this is my first time posting here but I enjoy reading everyones issues I mean happiness! LOL!! Anyways I am getting married on June 5th and I am doing mini bottles of wine with customized labels on them that I have already created myself. I also would like to do custom cd's. I know how to make a cd but I can't figure out how to make the insert I would like to customize the cover and the back. If anyone knows of any software I could use or any website I would greatly appreciate it!

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    We are doing something similar but using the CD's for escort cards.  If you go to avery.com and look for CD inserts they have a ton of options (some pre-made) and you can download a template and print them at home.  The best part is you can find the templates everywhere, I know office depot and Staples have them.  Good luck!
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    If you just have a printer, you can buy CD sticky labels in the label section of any office supply store. Our CD burner came with a program that you could use to design your layouts for CD labels and inserts. Some graphics and word processing programs will have CD-insert formats so that you can lay it out on the screen and print it the right size (usually several to a sheet, and then you cut them).

    Only problem with sticky labels on the CDs themselves: my fiance's car CD player eats them and they get stuck. :P I don't know if this is common.

    The other way to print the CDs themselves is to get Lightscribe discs and see if you can find or borrow a Lightscribe disc burner -- this can actually print a picture into the label side of the CD itself. It's not a colour image, it's sort of greyscale, but it looks really neat.
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