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My groom said he doesn't know why we need favors. He's apparently never been to a wedding that had favors that he wanted to bring home. My jaw is still on the floor and I'm at a loss to explain WHY we need them. We just do!!!! Anyone have any suggestions on how I could explain it to him? Thanks!

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    Didn't he ever go to birthday parties when he was little and he got that little goody bag at the end? A little bag with a kazoo and candy?

    The point of wedding favors, basically, are for the guests to have a little momento of their day to take home with them. A sort of... thank-you for coming and sharing in this day with us!
    Or, something like that.

    Anyway, favors are becoming decreasingly popular, since more and more guests seem to be leaving without them.
    The popular favors seem to be the usefull and/or edible ones.
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    Agreed- it's just a way to say to them thank you for coming. More and more I see the "We donated money to X charity becauase of X in your honor". You could always do something like that.
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    Suggest ideas for favors people might actually want - like food.  Agree with pp, favors are a way to say thank you.  BUT to play devil's advocate - not entirely necessary at all.
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    Favors are just nice, not necessary. It is a little way of saying thank-you to your guests.
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    Maybe if there were favors that one coudl use it woudl be great to have a fovor that will wow your guests somethign that will be custom to your wedding...
    see ideas at
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    Your reception is a thank you to your guests.  Take that "favor" money and use it on something that would help make your reception more memorable.
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