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Hi all,

For bombonieres, my FI and I would like to give something that 1) people would remember us by and 2) can be used (i.e, practical). He doesn't want anything edible. I like this candy dish (I suppose it could be used for other things) but am not sure if people would use it. Thoughts?

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    Mrs.B6302007Mrs.B6302007 member
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    Ditto Mrs. J.    I limit clutter in my house, so I wouldn't be interested in anything that I had to find a home for.  Unless it's chocolate finding a home in my belly. ;-)
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    2BMrsAnthony2BMrsAnthony member
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    Just my personal opinion, I wouldn't use it.  I like the idea of something useful though. 
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    kmmssgkmmssg mod
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    I have to agree with the others.  It isn't something I would use - one because it is clutter and two, it just isn't my style.  I have to be honest that I am a major fan of edible favors.

    If your FI is dead set against edibles why not just skip favors all together?
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