Is it okay to give the cake out as a favor?  I have a huge dessert table, and several dessert stations which are included in the price at the reception venue, and the cake is also included in the price...  if so, how should i wrap the cake?  

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    cake boxes or bags. Check out www.papermart.com
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    yes, cake is ok for a favor....use a cake box or cake bag to give it out!
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    Cake is a dessert. Not a favor.  A favor is something you can take home and have as a reminder of the wedding.
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    If it's something you want to do why not. I have seen many cake boxes on a lot of websites.

    IMO: I wouldn't be sending cake home with guest unless we had left overs. I think the cake is something that should be enjoyed with everyone at that reception!

    Best of luck!
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    not the wedding cake but that is/was the point of the grooms cake. It wasn't ment to be eaten at the wedding but sent home with the guests to be eaten later.This is something i'm talking my fi into. I'm making our cake and cupcake cake for the wedding cake and then for the grooms cake i'm thinking of ways to take the cake pops from bakerella.com and make them into music notes and prepackage them in some spiffy cellophane.  It sounds like you have enough other sweets to enjoy at the reception and guests may enjoy being able to enjoy those at the time and have some cake for later. my older sister had a chocolate fountain and all that in addition to her cakes (the grooms cake idk what ever happened to it) and most of the guest preferred eating the chocolates over that cake and it let them get out a be more social around it.
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    I think the cake is not a wedding favor, it is something to be enjoyed AT the wedding.  If there are leftovers, its definitely a good idea to send it home with guests in cute little take-out boxes (better than it getting tossed!)
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    I've held my tongue before but Emmy your sig is HUGE....jus sayin.

    OP: Yes, it's ok to give out cake and maybe parts of your dessert bar...cute idea too.  You could maybe do chinese take-out boxes and dress them up with a monogram sticker or something similar? 
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    I say it's your wedding--do what you want!  What I've learned throughout the wedding planning process is that everyone has an opinion on what you should and should not do.  But this day is about YOU!  Go for it!  It's a cute idea!!
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