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So I plan to have a vintage themed wedding. I got the idea to hand out vintage hankies in envelopes labeled happy tear. I also plan to make burlap flags that have "yay" painted on them for guests to wae in excitment.

At our reception I am planning a vintage old general/candy store feel and have candies like boston baked beans, necco wafers, swizzles sticks, candy buttons ect.

I was thinking vintage hankies were a really neato idea, then again I like things that have had a history but now I'm second guessing it...I mean I still want to have a basket with them for guests to take if they want but what are the chances guests will take a hankie? If you went to a wedding like this would you partake? Are the other two items cheesy/not worth it?

Re: Vintage favor ideas

  • I love your candy bar idea as those are all really cool candies.

    I don't think I'd offer anything else. I'm a vintage type of gal, and would probably not use the handkerchief or the burlap flag.

    If you have some extra money left, why not just buy more candy? Or offer a nice coffee/tea service with some donuts & pastries before guests leave?
  • I'm with Sue.  Skip the hankies and burlap and go with her other suggestions.  

    I mean this nicely - i really do, but who on Earth uses an hankie for anything?  I'm 52 and have never used a hankie in my life.  I see where girls get their mother's hankies for a MOB gift and wonder "what will they ever do with that thing?"  Again, I don't mean to be snarky, but they are useless and outdated.  My grandmother had a drawer full of them, but they always stayed in her drawer!

    Adding some chocolate or coffee/tea service would be a very nice idea.  Good luck and I hope I didn't offend you with my post, it wasn't my intention.
  • Thank you I was kind of thinking the hankies wouldn't be used outside of tje wedding if at all. I just thought it was a neat idea, tied into my theming. The flags totally wouldn't be used outside the ceremony i just liked that better than blowing bubbles or throwing rice at us. I do really like the candy store i plan to get some brown paper bags and hanging a sign/making a chalkboard sigh saying Olde General Store I think the rest is pretty self explainatory I just don't know how to offer the items like Boston Baked Neans or Necco wafers since they're packaged...
  • The candy sounds awesome.

  • I like the candy idea, and I like the flags, too. 

    If you really want something for tears of joy, maybe you could make a tissue cover out of a vintage style fabric or wrapping paper in your colors.  Most guests probably won't take one, but I would be more inclined to take this than I would a hanky.  As pp said, they don't seem to get much use these days.
  • candy is a lovely idea  :) I heard some people go for powder compacts with birds or flowers on and some to suit on color themes. I sell powder compacts on etsy under the name vintageandantiques12 and offer special offers for bulk buys. A friend of mine in Canada bought 4 to give one each to her bridesmaids.
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