how much?

what is a reasonable price for favors? we're trying to figure out our budget we will have about 75 people at our wedding but dont want to go too over the top. any thoughts?

Re: how much?

  • The cost of favors depends on entirely what you want to give to your guests.

    It can cost as low as $0, asfavors are not a requirement.

    What types of favors are you considering?
  • When we were considering favors, we knew we didn't want to spend more than $2 per favor. It really does depend what your budget is, but even though our budget wasn't super tight, we knew we would rather put money into more important elements.
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  • Ditto others, I don't know how much we spent on favors in total because we did homemade cookies, which were a big hit, but I can't tell you how many wine stoppers we have sitting in a drawer from weddings past. They're all beautiful, but we haven't used one of them. We've also taken home shot glasses with the couple's name and date on them, yup, that's just what we wanted. The shot glass by itself would have been nice, but not personalized for someone else.
  • Favors are not required, however if you do chose to give them, edible is best.  What you spend is up to you and your budget.  We gave nice chocolates and spent about $5/person.  Unlike previous weddings I've been to, we didn't find one favor left behind on the tables at the end of the reception.  For us, it was in budget and totally worth it.

  • If you want unique favors for that special day please visit www.glamourgiftstore.com
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