Does the favor have to match the theme?

I am having a bluebird of happiness wedding. It sounds weird, but I think we are pulling it off- we have bluebird escort cards, table numbers, cocktail napkins, and a cake topper. However, I don't want it to be bluebird overload, especially on the tables.  Therefore, I was thinking of staying away from birds for the favors, even though I know there's some pretty cute ones out there. But now I'm stuck. I really like these cute cake towel favors because they are adorable and functional, but they have nothing to do with our wedding-- I just think they're fun. I was going to put a sticker or ribbon on them with our names and the date. Do you think this would be tacky?


Re: Does the favor have to match the theme?

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    they are adorable! but i can see how they might not go with the theme you have going on. if you really want to use them maybe as a rehearsal dinner gift?
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    what about instead of birds giving little nest baskets with those malt speckle eggs you get around easter? still in theme but not a bird? or just some cookies or candy or something in an organza pouch or cello bag with a ribbon and feather tied around it? or even just a blue ribon? something not too themey but not a complete non sequitor either?
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