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Hi all!! i am having a fall wedding and really want to do candy apples as my favors. I tried local farmers markets and got quoted $600 for 200 of them! It seems making them is an option but alot of work! Any suggestions??!!

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    See if candy shops can recommend someone.  The grocery stores will be stocked with them in the fall.  Talk to the managers there to see if you can place an order to buy 200 when they come in.

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    I agree with PP.....you can purchase them in packages of 6 for like $4 at the grocerystore.... and then just purchase those cellophane bags, cover the apple part and tie a ribbon around it in your wedding colors... you could even maybe add a tag with some sort of sweet saying "Thank You"... or  your guests names and table #s and it can be served as a dual purpose.....
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    thanks all great idea!!!
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    They sell apples at a very reasonable rate for fundraisers.  They might be able to "meet you in the middle" for the number of apples you would purchase.
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    OP, I planned to have candy apple favors for our wedding.  However, you'll notice that online retailers don't ship until two weeks before the event.  This tidbit of info made me slightly nervous.  I opted to go with mini bottles of sparkling apple cider instead.  Just something to think about.
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    Mini Candy Apples



    ·         4-inch lollipop sticks

    ·         Melon baller

    ·         Granny Smith apples (one apple makes about 8 mini apples)

    ·         Butterscotch or peanut butter chips

    ·         Chopped nuts, nonpareils, sprinkles, shredded coconut (optional)

    ·         Small paper candy cups





    1.       First, cut the lollipop sticks in half at an angle (the pointy end will go into the apple pieces easier). With the melon baller, scoop little balls out of the apple. Each ball should have a section of apple peel. Push half of a lollipop stick into the peel of each ball. Pat the apple pieces dry.



    2.     Melt the chips according to the package directions. Dip and swirl the mini apples in the melted chips, then roll the apples in nuts, sprinkles, nonpareils, or coconut, if desired. Place the mini apples in paper candy cups to set.


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    How about making small marshmallow favors? They are quite cheap an easy to make and you can also make them days in advance. 

    Take some marshmallows and stick them onto a pretzel, dip into white or dark chocolate, allow to dry and then place the finished product in cellophane bags with a pretty bow! If you don't want to make them are tons of them for sale on Etsy. 

    But if you're trying to save money then homemade is a good way to go! Good luck! 

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    these are all great thank you all so much!
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