It has been decided, what do you think? How many?

I am doing mini jars of local honey as well as home made jams. I am going to put a personalized label on each jar. We are going to stack them and tie them off with a ribbon of sorts. I am so excited to finally cross this item off my list.

Now our guest list is at 200, but I am sure no more then 150 people will show. As I am making these now should I make about 250 just in case everyone RSVPs yes and ave a few extras? Or should I just make about 200?


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Re: It has been decided, what do you think? How many?

  • CA2MT4EveRCA2MT4EveR member
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    I would go with the 150 or 200.  Not everyone will want to take one.
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  • Beachy730Beachy730 member
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    Definitely not 250.  If you are not putting them at tables then you are probably fine wth 150.  Many couples will probably only take 1 between the two of them, and many won't even take it because they will forget or won't see them.  The more you make they more you will be left with after.  I would go wth 150.
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  • bufey21bufey21 member
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    Decide where you are going to put the favors, then decide on the number. If you are putting them at each place setting, obviously do one for each guest. If you are putting them on a table, then 150 will be plenty (you will probably still have extras).
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