Need your help!! Wedding Party Gifts???

Hey everyone!
I am getting married in August and cannot wait!!! :) My fiance and I are desperately trying to come up with something creative to give our wedding party as their gifts. We do not want to do the typical flask and jewelry. We want something different! Any suggestions? I am seriously struggling! Thank you so much!

Re: Need your help!! Wedding Party Gifts???

  • Shop for the individual like it's their birthday. 
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  • I'm giving my bridesmaids little tote bags/makeup bags filled with fun girly stuff , like makeup,lotion stuff like that. Each one a little different depending on the things they like.
  • What about for the guys?
  • I'm making my girls "bridesmaids survival kits"
    I got them each a makeup bag and am putting in lots of stuff (if you look it up you should be able to find different variations)....most the stuff is like lip gloss, mints, tissues, etc.
    also got them a small compact to put in.
    and when $1 flip flop day comes around at old navy, i'm getting them flip flops so they can take off their shoes at the wedding :)

    for the guys, idk haha my fiance is in charge of that and he doesn't have anything picked out yet
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