Homemade Jam Favors

Hey girls! We're having an all outdoor wedding & tented reception. I'd like to incorporate rustic/country into our favors by making home made Jam in Mason Jars with a DIY tag that I was inspired by this:

Two of Katie‘s friends made the ceremony program fans from recycled brown construction paper and Popsicle sticks.

(love love love!!)

SOoo...my question is can ya'll suggest any homemade recipes for Jam (does not matter what flavor) And also, tips/hints about the entire process of making/storing the Jam is appreciated! Since we're doing this all ourselves, we'd probably want to make all of them & freeze about a month before so we're not cramming everything at once.

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    I made jam with my mom for years, sorry I don't have the recipe anymore. But if you seal the jars properly and actually can the jam you can do it months in advance and there would be no need to freeze the jam.
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    I would definitely suggest canning the jam rather than making freezer jam...how are your guests going to get it home still frozen?  Buy a box of Sure-Jell...they have all kinds of recipes inside!
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    I can jam and apple butter and I enjoy it but it's a BIG undertaking.  If you've never done it before, I don't think I would attempt it for the first time as wedding favors.  How many guests are you inviting?
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    I have no recipe but that is a fabulous idea!
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    SANTA BARBARA/VENTURATotal posts: 3Yum! I got jams at a wedding recently. They were amazing! Raspberry and Apricot. :)
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    Love your Idea! Why not go with flavors that will match the colors of your wedding? My favorite jelly I have ever made was Mint. I used fresh mint leaves from our herb garden.

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