Beware when buying from this site

I recently bought small silver boxes for my favors from http://www.efavormart.com, and their customer service is terrible.  First, they sent me the wrong thing that I had ordered three weeks before a work party.  After I got the wrong boxes they told me they would send the right ones immediately and they would be there by this weekend.  Come Saturday, no boxes.  Wednesday I contacted them and they hadn't even shipped them yet!  After talking (read yelling) at their customer service, all I got was an apology.  So if you are going to order from them be careful and leave plenty of time for them to get it wrong.

Re: Beware when buying from this site

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    Thanks for the warning...did you ever get your order?

    Silver favor boxes - sounds pretty. Do you have any pics of them?

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    We've used efavormart.com for lots of things over the last couple of years and they've always been really good.  Hope this is just one instance since I'm getting ready to order my favor boxes from them.
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