What is the rule?

I'm confused on whether or I should be giving out favors per person or per couple? What is everyones take on this?

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    I think it depends on what your favor is.  If you're planning on giving out bottles of wine - one per couple is the "rule."  If you're planning on giving out cookies or candy, it would be weird to expect someone to share that, so one per guest is expected. 

    Something that can be shared, will typically be given to a couple - something for individual consumption or enjoyment will typically be given on a per person basis.
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    ditto to previous post.if its edible you give one per guest other things may be sharable.
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    I don't freaking know what the answer is. I have heard so many different things and have even asked friends that have gotten married recently. She did one per couple, which was a few on each table depending how many were seated at it, and she told me she still took a boatload of them back to work with her after the HM...lol
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    The "rule" is to do what you want.  You do not have to have favors at all.
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    I agree do what you feel is right. If its edible give one per person, if its say functionable give one per couple
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    Ok so our family loves to drink wine, We all have these special made wine charms on each of our glasses. So I was planning on making wine charms as my favor. So that would really be a per person thing i guess. Thanks girls

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    we are doing candy jars and having a candy buffet and doing one per person.  i dont mind if there is left over candy!!!
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    it depends. one of the favors for my wedding is a terracota pot with a flower in it, and the place card is in there, so that is a couple gift.  also, i am setting fans out because i am having an outdoor ceremony in june. if people want to take it, they can! and honestly from what i've seen, men typically don't take or care about the favor.
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