a favor queston?

Hello future brides! How are we hanging in there? Ok here's my question..I came across a small white favor box and on it it is "Here's a hug,a kiss and a promise from the Mr &
Mrs"...now I know what the hershey hugs and kisses are but what are promises?? Its a very cute box with red letters.

I've also seen a plastic spoon in
 the color scheme of the wedding with
wrapped in tulled tied with a matching ribbon...so cute :)
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Re: a favor queston?

  • Promises are a Dove candy (LINK) You could just wrap some hugs and kisses in tulle then you don't need the box.

    What would you do with a plastic spoon?


  • first thanks! dove wow!

    i saw the hug and the kiss sitting on the colored spoon wrapped with matching tulle tied with a matching ribbon with a tag with a hole punched thru it that said.."HUGS & KISSES FROM THE MR & MRS"  I really thought it was very cute and original.

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  • it's cute, I would prob skip the spoon because I'm not sure what it's for. The tulle will prob be sufficient.

    You'll never be subject to a cash bar, gap, potluck wedding, or b-list if you marry a Muppet Overlord.
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