Cookie Bar Poem?

I am having a cookie bar (in addition to other favors) and I want guests to know they can bring the cookies home.  I got 1lb tie tin bags for them.  Anyone have a cute poem I can use?

Re: Cookie Bar Poem?

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    mk_2006mk_2006 member
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    I did a lot of googling and found this poem which I'm using for my candy buffet (but it would work just the same for cookies). The poem will be on white tin tie bags at each place setting. 

    Step right up to the
    Cookie Buffet
    It's a fabulous end to a
    Wonderful Day
    And as you enjoy your
    Special Treat 
    Be sure to remember
    LOVE is sweet!

    It doesn't say anything about taking them home but IMO the size of the 1lb tin tie bags will give it away.

    Good Luck and Happy Planning :)

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    I found this one online, which I'll be using for mine:
    On our special wedding day,
    Have some treats to take away,
    It's our gift from us to you,
    On the day we say "I do"
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    LAXGIRL20LAXGIRL20 member
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    Love this!  I made Key fobs for my sisters double shower and changed the candy to key candy! Thanks!
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