personalized wine stoppers

Does anyone know where I can order personalized (of our date/names) wine stoppers for our favors?

Re: personalized wine stoppers

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    I'd skip the personalization.  I'd like the wine stopper.  I'd like it less with someone else's name and wedding date on it.
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    Agree with PP.  Only your family might appreciate the personalization with name and date but your other guest might not be crazy about it. 

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    I think wine stoppers are great favors (we're big wine drinkers). But, Agree with pp. Skip the personalization it will save you money and your guests will be more likely to use it.
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    EBAY!!!! :)
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    We're doing a wine stopper as well.....but we aren't personalizing it.  Instead it's going to be a silver snowflake.  Perhaps you can find ones that fit in your "theme" but aren't so personalized that the guests will still like it.  We've decided to do the personalization on the bottles of wine (the labels) that we are also giving as favors.
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    You can get personalization done on the boxes -- different colors, themes to match your decor. Or you can get personalized stickers to create the look, but won't overpower the favor item.  

    I found a few choices at this site.  http://www.platinumgoodies.com/categories/Favors/Wine/
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    I could use a wine stopper, but I wouldn't use one with someone else's name and wedding date on it.
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    Yes The Favor Lounge is awesome! 

    Go to:


    This will take you directly to the wine selection page.  There are several wine stoppers that could be personalized, and other really cute ideas too!

    Good luck!

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    I haven't seen actual personalized wine stoppers but I have seen very cute ones w/ personalized tags on them. I found them here: http://bit.ly/9uCh5V
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