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We have been thinking about doing honey/jam/chutney etc in baby food jars for wedding favors. I've been trying to figure out if you can properly re-seal a baby food jar... Does anyone know if/how this can be done???
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Re: favors in baby food jars

  • This question has been asked here before. I think the girl wanted to use the baby food jars as tea light holders. Her idea did not go over well, as a recycled baby food jar grosses a lot of people out. It's just a bit of reality, YOU may know it's clean and not think it's gross, but the majority of other people will see the jar or the Gerber baby on the lid, think it's super tacky or say "eeewwwwww"!

    Why not just get the 4 oz size empty jelly jars in the 12 packs from Walmart? They're only $1 apiece, max.
  • I've used recycled baby food jars as votive candle holders to decorate for a baby shower (cleaned them, soaked off the label and decorated the lids) and they were really cute ... for a baby shower.  Not really sure it's "wedding-y".  And I would be a bit leery of something edible packaged in a used baby food jar:  1. for reasons mentioned in PP, and 2. wondering about how well they had sealed.

    Check around onine -- there are a lot of sources of cute, inexpensive little jars, esp. if you are buying in bulk.
  • I love my children and have gone through my fair share of baby food jars, but I wouldn't eat out of them. Even if I cleaned them myself.
  • Good to know! Thanks for your help :) I will definitely look online for jars.
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  • Baby food jars are a big NO for wedding favors.  Here is a webite you can get the jars from: http://www.containerandpackaging.com/item/G078. The labels you can make yourself or you can order them from the same site.
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