Mexican Welcome Bags

My fiance's brother got married inCancun Mexico last year.  Canvas welcome bags were given to everyone with flip flops, sunscreen and some snacks.  My fiance and I also want to get married in Mexico but in Cozumel.  I am worried about looking lke a copy cat.  Does anyone have any other suggestionsto do with a welcome bag besides flip flops and sunscreen and canvas bags?

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    Don't worry about looking like a copy cat.  Your post title is a little strange though.  I was thinking this post was going to be about welcome bags made in Mexico or green, white and red bags. 

    Do whatever you want.  What about Mexican candy or soda or bottled water.  Or a bottle of tequila, lime, salt or a six pack of beer?  OR beachtowel?  Chances are if you're going to Mexico, you'll have the flip-flops covered.
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    A fellow Knottie on the DW board made this list which I thought was awesome!

    • advil, tylenol
    • alka-seltzer, imodium or pepto – travel size
    • aloe
    • beach ball
    • beach mat
    • beach towel
    • bookmark
    • bubble bath
    • bug spray
    • cameras (underwater, disposable, ect.)
    • candle for the room
    • cd of music
    • double sided tape
    • dramamine
    • drink mix, powdered
    • fan
    • first-aid kit
    • flashlights – travel size
    • flip-flops
    • frisbees
    • gift certificate (spa, excursion, etc.)
    • hand sanitizer
    • hangover kit
    • hats or visors
    • itinerary
    • key card holder
    • key chain
    • koozies
    • lib balm
    • lint roller – travel size
    • liquor bottle – mini size
    • list of activities (on and off site)
    • local snacks
    • location information
    • loofah
    • luggage tag
    • maps
    • matchbook
    • message in a bottle
    • mints/gum
    • nail file
    • notepad
    • pashminas
    • photo albums
    • picture frame
    • playing cards
    • pool raft
    • postcards
    • puzzle book (sudoku, crossword, ect)
    • safety pins
    • sarong
    • sewing kit – travel
    • shot glass
    • shout stick or wipes
    • snacks (local, candy, salty, etc.)
    • socks
    • spa salts
    • sunscreen
    • tank top/shirt with wedding logo
    • tissue packet
    • translator – english to xxxx common phrases
    • travel cup
    • welcome letter
    • wet wipes
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