Reusable tote/grocery bags?

We are having an environmentally-friendly wedding and want to give customized reusable tote/grocery bags as favors. Can anyone recommend a good (preferably reasonably priced!) company to use?  Thanks!

Re: Reusable tote/grocery bags?

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    I can't make a recommendation, but I think your idea is a good one.

    Just google "personalized tote-grocery bags" and see what you get. Even if they are too expensive to personalize, it's worth it for the environment

    Good luck.
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    Why do you need them personalized?  I personally would be much more inclined to use ones that are blank...
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    I honestly can't tell you what the prices are on them... I haven't looked, but I know that www.save-on-crafts.com has reusable bags. From what I've seen they're pretty cute!

    HTH Happy Planning!
    Beka Lou
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    vista print has some that are cute. I agree with not personalizing them. Would you want to use one with someone else's name, photo, and wedding date on it??
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    This was something I was considering for out of town bags. My cousin made us bags a few years ago for the holidays that I love. He painted one side and a quote written on the other side. I love that is was personalized and I don't really care about carrying a tote bag that has someone's name on it.
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