Flip Flops on the Dance floor

I have a few questions to all those out there who have had flip flops on the dance floor for your guests to change into if they wanted...

Do I stick to just women's flip flops or get some men's sizes, as well?
What sizes do I get?
How many should I buy (don't want so many I have a ton left, but don't want too few that people are bummed they didn't get any...looking at a guest list of close to 260 people before invites are sent)
Do I just stick to my wedding colors (Navy and Pink) or get some Black, too (I know I tend to wear a lot black to weddings)

My plan is to get them from Old Navy as I know they are cheap and a decent quality.  I am hoping to start buying some soon during sales. 


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Re: Flip Flops on the Dance floor

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    I'd save your money. There was another post on TK recently and a majority of brides told the Origional poster that men will never change into flip flops, older women will most likely not change into flip flops, and younger women, lile myself, bring a pair of shoes to change into if I can't handle high heels all nite.
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    It's a nice gesture, but I agree it's not necessary and probably a waste of money.  Most people bring their own flipflops if they think they'll need them.  At least I do!

    If you still want to do it, I would only get 1 or 2 pair in each size, and keep the colors neutral.  Black or taupe.  Your wedding colors might clash with what guests are wearing.

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