Anyone done s'more favors?

Daughter and FSIL are having the ingredients for s'mores wrapped up in cellophane with a cute tag for favors. Wondering how far in advance we dare make them up to avoid squishy grahams and stale marshmallows. Anyone have some advice/tips?

Re: Anyone done s'more favors?

  • Yeah, I don't know how many people will actually USE them, but it's cute. We did find pre-wrapped graham crackers, just like you get saltines at a restaurant. (Other daughter remembered they had them like that at a resort we went to last year!) So will likely use those as they are equally priced. Not gonna sweat it if the marshmallow gets hard. If people do eat them, they will heat the marshmallow anyway and soften it up. 

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  • I'm doing s'mores on a stick, dip a jumbo marshmallow half way in chocolate, sprinkle with Graham cracker crumbs and then torch the other end for that toasted look, then put it on a stick... Didn't think about the mallows getting stale... They aren't something that I eat unless burnt to a crisp over a fire but wedding is at a camp site, so thought this would be cute.. How long does it take for them to get stale? I planned on putting them in individual cellophane bags tied with a ribbon.. maybe I should experiment...
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  • I think they'd be OK for a few days in cellophane as long as you tied it tightly. Cute idea to do them on a stick. I'd definitely experiment not so much for the sake of research but for the sake of EATING THEM! ; ) I like my mallows torched to a crisp, too!
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