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How early is too early to order them? I'm getting married next October, and the Knot has a sale on them right now that I'm afraid they won't have again for whatever reason between now and the wedding. If I order them now, will the bubble solution dry up? I'd hate to have to store them, and open them up the week of  the wedding to have them be empty. :/  I don't recall my bubbles evaporating as a child, but there's not as much in these tubes as a big bottle. Any brides have any experience with these? Unnecessary stress, lol.

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    Are these bubbles strictly a favor or are they to be used at some point during the ceremony or reception, as dictated by you and your FI? I would think anything meant to be used as a "prop" really isn't a favor. 

    But to answer your question, I'd wait.  TK has sales all the time.  Between now and your wedding, it will go on sale at least 3 times.
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    Well, yes, they're going to be used when we leave the reception by our guests. I'm not sure what difference the proper title makes, but I just assumed that they were considered favors also, but maybe that's just because I've always taken my tube home. Or because that's what every wedding website calls them.

    But thank you for the heads up on the sale. I'll keep an eye open.
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    Favors aren't required, so it really doesn't matter if you consider this a favor or a prop.  I would imagine that as long as you store them in a cool place (like a bedroom closet) they'll be fine.  Think about how long they sit around in some warehoues before they get shipped to you....but I think you're also okay to wait, they'll go on sale again.
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