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Okay our wedding is in 25 days and we are getting married on the outskirts of the Poconos. I have stuck in my head to do caramel apples for favors....since our theme is rustic romance. We will be having the wedding during peak season of fall foliage....so I wanted something sort of rustic, but something consumable, since I have been to many weddings and have nick-knacks that I never use and etc. I have tried everywhere to find a reasonable price on the apples, but I refuse to pay over $500 on favors. My next thought is making them on my own, has anyone done this? I would need to do about 100 of them...I thought about mixing up between chocolate and caramel....Thoughts? Or any other eatable fall ideas? I could do cookies too....but I think I will be making them and not paying someone to make them. I plan on arriving a the hotel the 3 days before the wedding...I might be able to store in the frig at the reception hall...

Anyways....let me know your thoughts or any additional ideas!

Thank you


Re: Caramel Apples

  • Google the grocery stores in the part of the Poconos you are getting married in, call them and ask if they will haveCaramel Apples for sale and for how much.  Caramel apples are in nearly every grocery store in my area for all of October and I can't imagine it would be any different where you will be.
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  • Also Google orchards in the area (or on the commute to your venue). In my area, you can get carmel apples from an orchard in a larger quantity for $2-$3 apiece. Wrapped, boxed, ready to go.
  • I ordered mine from Daffy Apples based in Denver,CO. They were very reasonably priced!
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