need opinions please

Ok so I got custom koozies as favors, they came like royal blue with orange writing.  I am having a beach wedding on the cape, so we figured the blue would come in more or an aqua color. to make a long story short, its basically my fault that the color is not what i expected it to be.
My wedding colors are green and white with a pop of orange (thats why the writing on koozies is orange).  -white and green hydrangeas and orange beach roses etc...
so instead of putting the favors on the tables as i original expected, i was thining of setting up a table before entering the tent (big tent for reception) with the koozies lined up with little bottles on water in them, figuring since its aug everyone will be hot & need a water after the ceremony.  Is this idea ok? i feel like its just such a waste to re order koozies and to have 125 just sitting around, i just hate the idea that they dont match.  or am i just being crazy and thinking about things that no one will really even notice anyways except me or anyone i point it out to.
thanks so much!

Re: need opinions please

  • Nobody is going to care what color they are.  If they were neon green with hot pink writing, they still wouldn't care.  Don't stress about this.
    AKA GoodLuckBear14
  • thanks you sound like everyone elsse ive talked to. im just not going to put them on the tables. im thinking either outside the ceremony on the way out, so everyone has water (esp bc its going to be hot) or right at the enterence on the tent.  Thank you for reassuring me :) ive been doing my best not to stress but planning a wedding that im paying for in 6 months, can do that to a girl. thanks again hun!
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