Thoughts as favor/escort card?

I came across these as I was searching for plantable paper...www.botanicalpaperworks.com/product/Plantable+Heart+Notes/36/">


what do you think of having them as escort cards doubling as favors?  It says that any ink works so I'd just use a pretty (wedding color) pen to write maybe names on the envelopes and table number on the paper?  What do you think?

Re: Thoughts as favor/escort card?

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    I think that they would make very nice escort cards.  I love anything that does double duty so favor and escort cards combined gets two thumbs up from me. 
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    graysquirrelgraysquirrel member
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    Go for it! We're doubling our tile coasters as escort cards. It is a great thing to do because if people handle something, they're more likely to take ownership of it and take it home.
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    Lovely idea!
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