How many favors to order?

I would like to start ordering the pieces to my favors, but will not have a final headcount until much closer to my wedding date. I would hate to leave all this to the last minute, but how many do I order before it's final?

Ladies, how did you decide on how many to order?

Re: How many favors to order?

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    Usually it would be 1 per person, though i've been to weddings where they place 1 every 2-3 seats. 
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    I want to do one per person, but I also want to order before I know my final headcount. Do I just guess? Is there a certain percentage science I can apply? Or is it not worth all that stress & excessive budget and I should just wait until I get my final headcount a month out from the wedding date?
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    Definitely wait.  It's best if you can wait for your final headcount, but if you send invitations and start getting an idea from the ones you're getting back, then you can start ordering *some* things, I'd guess.  What are you looking at for favors?  Will they take a lot of putting together?
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    I too am plagued with this very question, but think I might be able to wait longer before the wedding to get started.

    Another thing to think about (depending on what you are doing for favors) is how many people are going to take. I went to a wedding recently where the favors were little bags filled with chocolate covered oreos and I can tell you that I saw quite a few guests walking out with more than one bag!

    I am going to eventually order enough for my head count, plus maybe 20 more in case. We are thinking about doing little baskets filled with treats.

    I hope that this helped, and best of luck!

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