Ideas please!

Hi ladies.  I need some ideas for inexpensive favors.  We plan on having around 130 guests.  I'd like to tie in where he proposed-Tripps restaurant--or where we first met--a mall--or our favorite music.  Any and all ideas would be welcome!  Thanks ladies! 

Re: Ideas please!

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    If you are goign to tie in any of those themes, I am not sure if guests would understand the significance of it. 
    But, I do know many couples that have burnt CDs with their favorite songs on it for guests, although I am not sure how much that costs..

    As far as the restaurant, I am not familiar with it - do they perhaps have a signature item on their menu or are well known for their wines or something?  Maybe you could pull in something like that - mini bottles of wine, etc.

    hmm, no ideas on the mall part though, sorry!
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    I just thought of something else for the mall, because I immediately thought of shopping ... how about reusable shopping totes/bags?  I've seen wedding websites that sell them as favors.  Unsure of price though.. might be on the pricier side.
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    Thanks!  That sounds good! 
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