Favors for destination wedding?

My Fiance and I are getting married in Jamaica at sandals in montego bay. Only a few select individuals are coming however should we still do favors? Also we are doing welcome bags for all the people coming. So far were doing a tote along with maybe a beach towel, and a few other gifts. What all should we put in there?

Favor ideas?
Welcome gift Ideas for the totes???

Re: Favors for destination wedding?

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    My opinion is skip it all.  Favors are tossed, don't need to be toted there and back, are a waste of money.

    Same goes for welcome baskets.  If you want to "welcome" your guests, put a simple note in their rooms with some bottled water and maybe a snack.  Other than that, you're getting spendy with things that really aren't needed.
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    I think if you're doing welcome totes then favors are really unnecessary.  The welcome totes would be a nice touch and beach items like towels, travel size sun block, water, snacks would be a great addition as well as a personal note welcoming them to your destination wedding.  However, if you feel this might be out of your budget then it's ok to skip it all.
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    I don't think favors are necessary, especially if you're doing welcome bags.  However, since it is a small, select group of people, it might be nice to give them a nice framed picture from your wedding (say, you and your husband with each guest/couple) after you get back as a thank-you for attending.
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    Favors in addition to the welcome bag are unnecessary. I would stick to practical things they can use at the destination in the welcome bags. I went to a destination wedding in a warm place while it was freezing at home and really appreciated getting the practical things I had forgotten.

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    Flip Flops - http://amzn.to/vR7lly

    Hand Sanitizer - http://amzn.to/rFWPru

    And... just because I like them (for a snack in between):

    Jelly Beans - http://bit.ly/t4NkSf

    Don't forget an itinerary in the welcome bag! You will be much too busy to be rounding up your guests to be where they should be at the right time, and your guests probably aren't thinking about the schedule of your wedding until they get there.
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