Meant to Bee Honey Pot Favors - 1 dozen (new) - $36.00

Hi Ladies,
 I bought these cute favors because they were adorable but I never ended up using it.

I need to make room in my closet. I spent way too much for these.
I am selilng them for $36.00 for the dozen, theyr'e still in the original packaging and box.

The honey pot each measure 3" high x 2 ¾" in diameter

They're $6.39 a piece on amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Meant-to-Bee-Honey-Pot/dp/B001G8DJ5S

Here are my photos:

Re: Meant to Bee Honey Pot Favors - 1 dozen (new) - $36.00

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     you can email me if you're interested, I'm in the SF bay area.

    kim_allinger at yahoo dot com
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    You should try the Classified board. You'll get more responses there. =]

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  • Hi Do you still have honeypot for sale Thanks Mags
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