Ideas for out of town guests gift bags

I'm geting married in Charlotte, NC. Does anyone have any cute ideas for what to put in out of town gift bags that is charlotte-ish or carolina-ish?

I found really cute bags that have Charlotte on them, I was also going to get water bottles with a handmade label on them, map of charlotte...??? I'm stuck here. Please help!

Re: Ideas for out of town guests gift bags

  • olilirish1oolilirish1o member
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    I would but some aspirin for after the reception, lol thats whats going in my bags. Maybe a pin or a pen that might have Charlotte or Carolina on it
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  • mcskatcatmcskatcat member
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    I would try contacting the Visitors' Bureau, or a similar tourism-centered organization.  They might have a local magazine, brochures, or that kind of thing to add.  They also sometimes have pens, notepads and other goodies.
  • caroleisemancaroleiseman member
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    Here's the way we did Chicago wedding gift bags for all the out of town guests.. we did the water bottles too but the biggest hit was the weekend itinerary and list of things to do in the city... everyone loved them: http://www.celebrationideasonline.com/wedding-gift-bags-for-out-of-town-guests.html
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    Magnets might be nice, if your guests are the kind that like magnets. 
  • Happily9Happily9 member
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    Bottles of water, snacks, and a very good local spice are also going into mine.
  • prissyhippieprissyhippie member
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    you totally need to put bbq sauce in the bag!  everyone loves nc bbq!  water bottles, local newspaper, list of closeby attractions, tylenol, snacks, and a little bottle of local bbq sauce!Smile
  • emilyec1emilyec1 member
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    If it fits within your budget, include some local wine for couples who enjoy wine. I live in Indianapolis, and we're including a bottle from our favorite winery in southern Indiana. And if you have any coupons for restaurants or attractions close to the hotel, those would probably be appreciated.
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