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hi ladies,
I'm having a nov. 27th wedding with a Christmas theme. I wanted to make Christmas ornaments as favors and was hoping for some suggestions. I was hoping for something that looked really elegant and putting a personalized ribbon on it.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Re: DIY christmas ornaments

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    You can get clear glass balls and fill them with ribbon, potpourri or something symbolic of your wedding.

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    If you're artistically talented, you could paint a cute picture or your wedding date on the clear Christmas balls.  I also love the idea that jelybean had with filling them with ribbon and potpourri.  Feathers also look cute in them too!
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    I would have them be something where the only personalization can be taken off.  Most people will not put up a Christmas ornament with their friend's daughter's wedding date on it, if you catch my drift.

    I would look for a bulk ornament that you do like, and then just put on a personalized TY note or ribbon that can be removed.
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    Agree w/ mcskatcat... I have been to a wedding where I was the 'and guest', and although the ornament was pretty, it said their name and date right on the ornament and I couldn't take it off. As a guest, or even someone who wasn't that close to the bride or groom, I ended up just tossing it and I didn't care to have that on my tree.  So just make sure your personalized part is something that the people who aren't as close to you can take off and still keep the pretty ornament!  

    You might have some luck on www.personalcreations.com or www.etsy.com or even www.orientaltrading.com.

    Good luck!
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    You could also have whatever ornament be inside a box that has been personalized.  That's what my brother and his wife did - the favor was some kind of scent thing (terracotta shaped like a leaf and came with cinnamon oil).  There was no personalization on the terracotta itself, but they had personalized stickers on the outside of the box.

    I'm still not sure it was supposed to be used as a Christmas ornament, they probably meant for it to be hung in a closet or something to scent clothes, but I put it on my tree every year.
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