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Hi --- I'd love to do the baskets of flip flops on my dance floor as some favors. Has anyone ever doen this? Was it well received? And where can you find the cheapest flip flops! I've checked Old Navy and I can find white flip flops ONLY is size 8 for 97 cents :) Thanks!

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  • Flip flops get weird because you can't possibly know everyone's sizes, and a LOT of people just won't wear flip flops at a wedding (like grandma) -- or at all, for that matter.  Don't get me wrong, I love flip flops and would live in them if I could, but I absolutely would not wear them at a wedding or take them from a favor basket.  Unless you have my exact size, and have decent flip flops (not the 97 cent ones from Old Navy).  

    I'd be interested to hear if anyone has actually done and had it work out for them.  Everyone who I've ever seen post on here, and weddings I've actually attended who have done this, have ended up with a baket mostly full of flip flops at the end.
  • I attended a wedding on the lake where the bride attempted to do this. It didn't seem to work for multiple reasons. A] The size issue: some people could find pairs that fit. It's a real hazard to have people tripping in huge flippies. B] Guests couldn't figure out of they were allowed to touch the shoes. A couple wondered out loud if they were just decoration. It's an adorable idea, but it seems like in practice that it is awkward.
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    I've never been a fan of this.  I am a grown woman who knows to expect to be on my feet at your wedding reception unless I want to sit and talk all night.  If they get sore, I am good with stocking feet or bare feet.  Flip flops are not easy to dance in.
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    Agree with the PPs.  I make sure I wear shoes that are comfortable when I attend weddings so I don't have to take them off.  Also, cheap flip flops are not really comfortable either.

    And, flip flops are NOT favors. 
  • Instead of a basket of the actual shoes, you could do a flip-flop-shaped favor, such as making or buying molded chocolates or decorated cookies in your wedding colors.  You can also get flip-flop notepads, erasers, or even little soaps, usually fairly inexpensively.  And you won't have to stress about sizes!  :)
  • I agree wtih the other posters that flip-flops aren't favors.

    I am however doing my own take on the flip-flop basket--fuzzy socks! I know a lot of women take off their shoes at weddings, then complain because their feet are cold, or their nylons run. My sister-in-law always brings a pair of fuzzy socks with her to weddings, so we stole her idea! Any that aren't taken at the wedding will be donated to a shelter. This way, I don't have to worry so much about sizes OR the discomfort that cheap flip-flops cause. And I live in New England--who DOESN'T need a pair of fuzzysocks? Wink
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  • Heartseternal,

    You are my kind of girl!  I LOVE fuzzy socks and think any reason for fuzzy socks (within the laws of God and man) is a good one.  We are having a shorter mingly reception without dancing, but I'm thinking I need to add a pair of fuzzy socks to my bridal survival bag just in case ... no one will know under my dress anyway.  Thanks for the idea!
  • be careful with fuzzy socks on tile floors.  that sounds like a major slip & fall hazard.
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