Table numbers and/or guest favors

I am having an antiquey country wedding and my fiance is obsessed with fishing and i want to incorporate fishing into my wedding somehow but do not want my wedding turned into a fishing thememed wedding...help, ideas?? I was thinking of buying fishing themed picture frames for the table numbers but i am up for any ideas!

Re: Table numbers and/or guest favors

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    How about a fishing themed groom's cake?  Or swedish fish for favors?
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    First of all it'snot your wedding it's also his. I am glad you are hinking about him some what though. My FI & I fish together we are bringing our fishing poles with us. We have a lake at our reception site so we plan on act like we are fishing & have pictures taken. After the pictures we will have our poles sitting behing us at the reception where everyone can see them. I like the swedish fish idea and you can gett a grooms cake. or they do make a cake topper with the bride & groom fishing. Don't rule the cake topper idea out. Our cake topper is the bride & grooms sitting on a riding lawn mower saying "Just Married" on the back. It's who my FI is so I did it for him.
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    I thought this brought in a unique twist for your fishing idea.  It's not favors, but would be funny cake topper.

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    What about naming the tables after different kinds of fish he has caught/tries to catch?  I like the idea of having table names rather than numbers.  My FI and I have named our tables after all the places we have lived, separately and together.
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    I saw a really cute pic somewhere where the ring bearer walked down the aisle with an antique-y looking fishing pole with the rings tied on the end of the line.
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