Candy bar - has it been overdone?

I'm considering doing a candy/sweets bar, but wondering if it's been overdone.  I think people like it and find it fun, but just wondering what everyone thinks...

Re: Candy bar - has it been overdone?

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    I did a candy bar for my Sept wedding and everyone seemed to love it, i say go for it
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    There is so much in wedding planning that has been "over done", so if it is something that is near and dear to you and you just can't see going without then go for it! After all, who is really going to complain about free candy anyway?! Lol. I think if you love the idea and think your guests will enjoy it then there should be nothing else stopping you :)
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    As much as we see it done for most guests it is not a common thing.
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    I agree with MrsJ, but then again I watch A LOT of wedding shows and I feel like it's kind of lost its luster IMO.
    If you and your fiancé are big candy people then do it, otherwise I think it's just a bunch of extra work for you.

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    Lots of people on The Knot do candy bars but in reality, I've only been to one wedding that had one.  At that wedding, the candy bar wasn't a huge hit.
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    Even though we as brides know they are done, the majority of your guests have probably never seen one.

    Dessert bars are also popular as well as the late-night snack, so those are other options that probably aren't done quite as much.

    Everyone loved our candy buffet and I was glad I did it because it looked really pretty too.

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    I'm doing a candy buffet for my November wedding.  I'm so excited about it!

    I've never been to a wedding with one so I think it will be something 'new' for my guests.
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    I agree with the others' comments.  It's familiar to us because we're looking at wedding stuff all day every day!!!  ALSO: it seems like an inexpensive way to add a lot of color and scale to the decor of the reception.  
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    I have been to a couple weddings now that did the candy bar.  The first one was great because it was new and different.  I personally think that its everywhere now.  I'm the type that wants something different, something that I haven't seen done at past weddings - but thats just me.  I'm planning a sweets table instead, doing speciality cookies that remind me of fall- specially made with love by my wonderful baking grandmothers and mom! They all love to bake cookies and delicious treats so it is a perfect way to incorporate their desire to help with the wedding.  Thankfully our venue is happily allowing outside treats!
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    I've never seen one at a wedding other than my own. I agree with PP's who say that it just seems familiar to us because we are looking for them...

    Also I put together one for a baby shower this past weekend and it was a HUGE hit, there wasn't a single piece of candy left :)
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    Ditto PPs that:
    1. we see it more often on here than guests do in real life.  (I have never been to a wedding w/a candy bar
    2. If you love the idea do it!  everything is "over done" when you really think about it :)
    Personally I loved the idea when I saw it but I'm a littled over it now from seeing it so much.  It's not important enough for me to spend the time & $ on it.  And I think that it will be a trend...most things will come and go but I thing it will be "so 2010" something our kids will say "what's that?" and we'll say, "it was very common then!" LOL
    Just my opinion!
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    excuse my lack of proofreading :D
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    My FI and are are having a candy and sweets buffet at our wedding in October.  After I got onto the wedding websites I saw how many people had or are doing them.  It is done rarely around here.  So I think it depends on where you are if it has been overdone or not.
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