easter eggs in july!

So my FH and I were walking through a store the other day and something cought my eye on the discounted Easter table (a few days after easter).  These were bags of Dove easter eggs in silver and purple foil!  (these are our colors!)  I was so excited that I bought 6 bags on the spot and 6 more a few days later.  I found some candy other than regular and dark chocolate kisses in purple and silver!!!!  So now my freezer is full of 11 bags (I couldn't resist, I had to sample one) of purple and sliver Easter eggs.  It was after I got them that I realized that easter eggs in July might be a bit funny!  I am making pruple paper tubes the color of my BM dresses, out of homemade paper about the size of TP tubes with one side synched with a pretty silver flower brad, and the other side pinched the opposite direction with a pretty silver ribbon.  We are going to fill them with an assortment of kisses and eggs, and synch them with the ribbon and place one at every chair.  I can't wait to see how it looks with the silver contrasting the purple table cloths and paper.  If my colors are really prominant in the day, do you think people are really going to question why along with kisses, they are getting eggs?  Just wondering and wanted to share my awesome half price find, as well as my entire favor idea! 

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    I dont think it makes a difference that the chocolate is shaped like an egg,i dont even think the guests will notice,your favors are a really cute idea.
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    i dont think anyone will notice! I would be very happy to get chocolate as a guest

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    I am doing similar. I am having a candy table and I purchased a ton of easter candy when it went on sale. Colors lime green and blue.
    I think it is a good idea. I would caution against putting it in the freezer. I would keep it some where cool but not freeze it. ( I heard it was not a good idea).
    Your favors sound great!
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