Vinyl Decals?

I am looking for some personalized vinyl decals. Does anyone have any experience with a certain company? I need some names and possibly some dresses. I jus need the decal, not the wine glass or anything. I found one seller on Etsy but wanted to explore other options.

Re: Vinyl Decals?

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    What are you using them for?  It sounds like you are personalizing wine glasses.....?
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  • If you could post a picture of your idea, that might make it easier to give advice.
  • Do you know the name of the seller on Etsy that will sell just the decals?? I am wanting to put some on my glass plates for the reception myself..
  • The seller I used was designerlabelgal for my friends.
  • I got my wedding stickers from www.SimplyYouDecals.com
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