Welcome Bags, Favors or Both?

What are your thoughts?  If you're doing welcome bags, are you putting them together yourself or hiring someone to put them together for you?  Do you plan to give them to all guests or just out of town guests?

Re: Welcome Bags, Favors or Both?

  • I didn't do welcome bags because we didn't have a ton of OOT guests, but if I did, I would most certainly put them together myself. It seems to be a pretty easy thing to do. I don't understand why you'd want to hire someone for that task I guess.

    These bags would be separate from favors. Favors (if you have them) are given at the reception and given to all guests. Usually welcome bags are only for OOT guests staying in your hotel block and are also not required.

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  • All but two guests were from OOT so their hotel bags had a bookmark favor in them.
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  • Yeah I would do the welcome bags myself. Seems kind of pointless to hire someone to put together already made products together.
  • I'm having my wedding planner assemble my favors/welcome bags as part of her scope of work. I'm traveling to my wedding destination and she already lives there, so it's easier to have the items shipped to her and assembled before I get there. If it saves you valuable time and you can afford it, don't hesitate to hire help. Good luck!
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