Need ideas

We want something original to put inside the boxes that my fiance is going to make. Anyone have any ideas? We want something completely outside the box...

Re: Need ideas

  • You could do a few things:
    Home made truffles although not entirely out of the box can be tweaked and made unique

    Buy a bulk of small photo books so the reciever has something useful

    Any hand crafted decoration that can be placed in recievers home ranging from a wall piece, table piece, or small paintin gand anything in between.

    For my party favors I am doing it a bit different..they are going to be seperate as to to whom they will go to.
    The general group will recieve home baked goodies that relate to my roots, bubbles for the kiddos, and  a small keepsake that can be used rather than thrown in a drawer.

    It really all depends on how much money, time, and effort you want to put in as well as what your wedding theme is.
    Don't worry so much about them though..party favors aren't that big of a deal :p
  • We are making a jewelry box of sorts so at least it will be useful to an extend. I like the idea of something homemade...but what represents us is that part that has us baffled
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