Where to put the favors?

I'm having an outdoor wedding with the reception in a tent.  There will be stations for food and about ten tables (enough seating for 80 people).  In addition to the tables, there will be about 100 other chairs scattered around the tent, but where should I put the favors? Thanks for the help!

Re: Where to put the favors?

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    Will it be assigned seating? If not I would set up the favors on a separate table by the exit so people can grab a favor on their way out.

    If there is assigned seating/tables I would put one favor at each place setting (if they're small enough and wont' crowd the table)

  • HinajHinaj member
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    I agree with PP.  If there is no assigned seating, have a seperate table for the favors.  If not, place it at their place setting.
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    People really don't care all that much about favors.  Put one per seat or put them by the guest book
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    If there is one favor per guest, then put them on the table. I'm putting mine on top of the plate.
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    My guests will be getting my favors at the ceremony site. I plan to set up a table by the door in the chapel with a spread of things.
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